#MondayMix 289 by @dirtyswift - 07.Oct.2019 (Live Mix)

Rohff, Booba, 113, Ideal J, La Brigade, Exporess Di, Oxmo, Intouchable, X-MEn, Sages Po, NTM, IAM… Que des CLASSICs Rap FR!

Monday, October 7, 2019 at 10:23:09 AM

#rap #RAP FRANCAIS #old school #rap fr #Classic #Hip-Hop

Doc Gyneco - Vanessa

Oxmo Puccino - Mama Lova

La Cliqua - Le Hip Hop Mon Royaume

Expression Direkt - Dealer Pour Survivre

Akhenaton & Fonky Family - Bad Boys De Marseille (Part.2)

X.Men - Pendez Les

Intouchable - Les Points sur les i

Polo - Panne Sèche

Booba - ecoute bien

Diable rouge & Lyon-S (des 3 coups) - Diable rouge (échantillon) & Courage

Fabe - Un Nuage Sans Fin

Iam - Petit Frère

Booba - Boulbi

Ideal J - Hardcore

Oxmo Puccino - Pucc Fiction (feat. Booba)

Rohff - Apelle moi Rohff

Suprême NTM - La Fièvre

Fabe - L'impertinent

Suprême NTM - That's my people

Lunatic - Le Crime Paie

X.Men - J'Attaque du Mic

Passi - Les Flammes Du Mal

113 - Truc de Fou (Feat. Doudou Masta)

Lunatic - Le son qui met la pression

Idéal J - Show Bizness

Ideal J - Le Combat Continue

Ideal J - Violent Break Beat

La Brigade - 16 Rimes (Feat. Lunatic)

MafiaTrece - Détour Vers Le Futur (Feat. Pit Baccardi, La Brigade)

X-Men - Retour Aux Pyramides

Oxmo Puccino - Amour Et Jalousie

Ntm - Seine Saint Denis Style

Daddy Lord C - Freaky flow

Rocca - Les Jeunes De L'univers


Beat 2 Boul - Dans La Sono

113 - TonTon Du Bled

Ben-J, Mystik & Rohff - On fait les choses

IAM & FONKY FAMILY - Le retour du shit squad

La Clinique - Tout Saigne (Feat. Doc Gyneco)

Pit Baccardi - K'1frystyle (feat. Rohff & Kery James)

Arsenik - Une Saison Blanche Et Sèche

Sniper - Gravé Dans La Roche

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Born and raised in Hip-Hop culture, Dirty Swift has become one of the most emblematic DJs in the Parisian nightlife scene, exporting his incredible talent on the tables across the most “Hype” dance floors around France and the rest of the world, for over 15 years. Dirty Swift’s sets are legendary and are credited as being able to smoothly and originally navigate audiences from Hip-Hop to Trap to the vast arrays of Electronic Music… He’s also been able to effortlessly transition to other types of trendsetting music, which he loves, such as EDM Trap, Bass, House, Trap, House, Future Bass, AfroBeat, Moombahton… Playing in the best parties in town (HHLS at Yoyo, Wattsmyname at Wanderlust…) but also all over France and around the world, It is no surprise then that such reputable nation French Hip-Hop radio institution Mouv’ have solicited Dirty Swift’ expertise and his immense talent for a daily show from 4 to 7pm and his 100% mix shows on Saturdays (#DirtyMix 8-9pm) which became the most musical downloaded podcast in the country in iTunes, and no wonder that Beyoncé and Jay-Z chose him for the opening of OTRII concert in Paris in front of 70 000 people.

Dirty Swift is now putting a lot of efforts into musical production, a logical evolution to his evolving career, and after offering stunning remixes on his Soundcloud channel and ha has juste released a double EP « Dirty Swift Made Me Do It » on LoveStack Records.