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#MondayMix 184 by @dirtyswift "UK Rap Special" - 14.Nov.2016 (Live Mix)

Publié le 2016-11-14 23:06:21 #MondayMix 184 by @dirtyswift "UK Rap Special" - 14.Nov.2016 (Live Mix)
Brand new UK Hip-Hop + Classics mixed by Paris Number 1 DJ

Section Boyz - Trapping Ain't Dead (Dirty)

67 ft. Giggs - Let's Lurk (Dirty)

Lethal Bizzle - Dude (ft. Stormzy)

Little Simz - Dead Body

Skepta - Shutdown

Footsie ft. Giggs - Hot Water (Dirty)

Mic Righteous - Honour Mic (Dirty)

DJ Tjaey - Look Like You (Afro-Remix)

Donaeo ft. Big Tobz & Blittz - My Circle (Dirty)

Bonkaz - You Don't Know (Bonkaz) (Dirty)

Bonkaz - You Don't Know (Bonkaz) (Dirty)

Stormzy - Standard

Yungen - Comfy (Dirty)

DJ Cable - In 'Ere (ft. Ghostly)

Meridian Dan - In The Street

Stormzy - Shut Up (Dirty)

Wiley - Can't Go Wrong

AJ Tracey - Buster Cannon (Dirty)

Stormzy - Know Me From

Luna C - Mug (Dirty)

Illamadi - Sokx N Slides

Jammz ft. Scott Garcia - It's A London Thing (Dirty)

Lady Leshurr ft. Wiley - Where Are You Now

Giggs ft. Donaeo - Lock Doh (Dirty)

Nadia Rose - Skwod (Dirty)

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